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It’s Okay to Fall and Fail. God has Your Back

So What’s with the Owls?

By Get a Grip

Many of you have wondered, if not asked where did we come up with these names for our classes.  Bears, frogs and owls – oh my!

Our mentor and friend, Coach Vlad, wrote the first children’s book specifically about gymnastics and the animal kingdom.  The main character is Gymmy, the Owl.  He along with many of his friends in the animal kingdom explore how their natural movements can relate to and tie in with the wonderful sport of gymnastics.  In a way to forever honor and recognize Coach Vlad’s contribution not only to the sport of gymnastics throughout the world, but more specifically to the birth of BIO, we named our programs and classes after characters in his book.

In addition, our end of the year performance for classes has been named the “Flight of the Owls”.  We look forward to our students being able to showcase their talent and all of the skills they have learned this year!

If you are interested in learning more about Coach Vlad’s book and ordering one for your child, please click here to visit our online store.

Do Not Make Me Cry

By Get a Grip

Many of you know that we will be gathering this evening to honor Coach Vlad as he ventures to Europe this Summer to be with his family, including his new granddaughter.  Ask him and he will assure you that this is NOT goodbye and that he already has his ticket to come back.  This just seems the appropriate time to honor someone who has become a special part of our family, someone I affectionately call “Godfather”.  I do believe he was sent to us through God’s intervention and we will be forever grateful for that.

When Vlad learned of Donna Kaye’s desire to coach, he took the opportunity to mentor her without hesitation.  Starting BIO Gymnastics was on his recommendation that the timing was right.  I still remember the first time I heard him coach in our new gym and how it warmed my heart.  I have truly loved hearing “Correct!” or “Everyone! Watch this!” come from the gym floor these past four years which have truly flown by.  I have enjoyed watching Donna Kaye grow into a great coach.  I have enjoyed watching other proteges that Vlad has mentored develop highly successful programs and I am excited for the future that is in store for BIO.  I am so incredibly grateful that we were the ones blessed with him and that my daughters took advantage of his knowledge and enthusiasm and became sponges every time he was around.  I am grateful that we were the ones who recognized his value as a mentor, person, and friend. I am grateful that Donna Kaye chose this path, delaying college so that she could be Vlad’s protege, one of the best if I do say so myself.

We have been through a lot as the BIO family, these past four years.  Incredible joys and incredible sorrow.  I will continue to focus on this time as one of joy and try to honor Vlad’s wish about crying.  It’s going to be hard not to cry, but it is now time for our gym to fly.  With our dedicated staff, left with an unending amount of resources provided by Coach Vlad, we will continue to move forward and grow.  Donna Kaye will move into a leadership role that she has literally been groomed for.  Katie and Eleanor will continue in their leaderships roles as well, along with J-Hawk and the rest of our amazing staff.

I am an optimist, and I look forward to our bright future. One that will continue to include Coach Vlad and made possible by him.

I love you, Godfather.


Recognizing Our Seniors – Mackenzie & Emily

By Get a Grip

This is always a bittersweet time of year as state meet season starts, so does senior recognition.  BIO has had at least one senior graduate every year since we’ve started competing.  It always brings tears to my eyes as I will sorely miss those that are moving on to the next chapter of their lives and the bright future they have in store.  This year is no exception.

Being recognized as a senior in gymnastics is truly an honor and the sacrifices and commitment that these athletes made should never go unnoticed.  The dances, football games and so many things that these wonderful athletes have passed up to pursue their passion in this sport is something that should be honored and congratulated.  The life lessons they learn of discipline, resilience and commitment are lessons they can take with them throughout their adult lives.

We have been blessed this to recognize two individuals who have been a wonderful presence in our gym and will be missed for sure!

Mackenzie Miller is a graduating senior from Forsyth Central High School.  One of twelve children, Mackenzie started gymnasts at the age of two and has pursued the sport throughout her entire scholastic career.  Her highlights include scoring a perfect 10.0 on the uneven bars as well as winning multiple local, state and national champion awards.  She has qualified for regionals twice as a level 9 and competing as a level 10 in her senior year.  Mackenzie also competes all around for the Forsyth Central high school team.  In 2016, she was awarded the Georgia Positive Athlete Award. She is a member of the FLOOD Service Organization and the National Honor Society with a current GPA of 4.1 Mackenzie currently coaches for BIO Gymnastic’s competitive team and is a constant encourager at the gym with her bright smile and never give up attitude. Mackenize’s bright future includes majoring in Exercise Science at Kennesaw State University where she will also compete for their club gymnastics team.

Emily Loveless is a graduating senior at Forsyth Central  High School and is rounding out her career as a level 8 gymnast for BIO Gymnastics.  Emily is ranked 9th in her class and has a 4.2 GPA.  She found her passion for gymnastics at the young age of 2 and has pursued the sport her entire scholastic career.  Emily’s favorite event is floor.  Her tireless work ethic in the gym serves as a great example for her teammates and she always can find a smile to share with those around her.  Emily also competes on the Forsyth Central High School Gymnastics team and was on their High School Cheer Team all four years, lettering in both sports.   Emily will be attending UGA in the Fall.

Excuse me, are you Katie Heenan?

James Price

After School Pick Up & Camp

By Camps

With our newly air conditioned camp side, BIO offers after school care that includes pick up from school, snack, homework time and fun physical activities in the afternoon, for a very reasonable price. Please contact our office for pricing and availability.

The schools that we are servicing for the 2018-19 school year will be dependent upon response and require a minimum of 3 children to be added to the route.  Last school year, we picked up from the following elementary schools:

Haw Creek
Kelly Mill
McGinnis Country Day School
Shiloh Point
Vickery Creek

Summer Camp 2016 Themes

By Camps


Below is an overview of our camp themes and weekly schedules.  Please note that field trips and activities are subject to change.

Week 1 – WELCOME TO CAMP: May 31 st – June 3rd
Bio is kicking off this short week with movies, swimming, crafts, and games. Field Trips:

  • Tuesday morning – Movies400
  • Thursday afternoon – Spray Park
  • Friday afternoon – Cumming Aquatic Center

Week 2 OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: June 6 th – 10 th

Bug repellent will be properly applied to our campers as well a Sun Screen as we venture outside to find some of God’s interesting creatures. Field Trips:

  • Tuesday morning – Movies400
  • Thursday afternoon – Chick-fil-a @ Lanier Crossing
  • Friday afternoon – Cumming Aquatic Center

Week 3 HAWAII TIME: June 13 th – 17 th

Aloha! It’s vacation time here at Bio! We will make our own leis and tie dye shirts to wear throughout the week, play super fun island games, and try tropical snacks! Come join us for some island fun!- Field trips/activities:

  • Tuesday morning: Movies400
  • Wednesday afternoon: Cumming Aquatic Center
  • Thursday afternoon: Spray Park

Week 4 “OLYMPICS”: June 20th – 24th

Join us on our Road to RIO as we get ready to celebrate the 2016 Summer Olympics. June 23rd is National Olympic Day! Field trips:

  • Tuesday morning: Movies400
  • Wednesday afternoon: Smoothies
  • Thursday afternoon: Spray Park
  • Friday – Cumming Aquatic Center

Week 5 SUPER HEROES TO THE RESCUE: June 27 th – July 1 st

Do you think you have what it takes to be your favorite superhero? We will test your super strengths during this week!  Field trips:

  • Tuesday morning: Movies400

Week 6 GOD BLESS THE USA: July 5 th – July 8 th

Happy Birthday America. It's a party, wear your red white and blue all week to show your love for this country. We will eat hotdogs, make homemade ice cream, and make our very own flags to hang up! Field trips:

  • Tuesday morning: Movies400
  • Wednesday afternoon: Smoothies
  • Thursday afternoon: Publix Tour
  • Friday – Cumming Aquatic Center

Week 7 FUN AND FITNESS: July 11 th – 15 th

Ms. Ne’s favorite week at Bio. Bio counselor’s will be keeping your campers active with sports and physical activities to make them strong and fit. Field trips:

  • Tuesday morning: Movies400
  • Thursday afternoon: Spray Park
  • Friday – Cumming Aquatic Center

Week 8 WATER WATER EVERYWHERE: July 18th – 22nd

Get ready to be soaked. This is the week towels and extra clothes are a must PLEASE be ready to STAY WET!!!!! Field Trips/Activities:

  • Tuesday morning: Movies400
  • Wednesday afternoon: Smoothies
  • Thursday afternoon: Spray Park
  • Friday – Cumming Aquatic Center


Week 9 GAMESHOW MANIA: July 25 th – 29 th

This is the week of, Family Feud, Snow Ball fights in Summer, and Are You Smarter Than Bio’s Camp Counselor?

Prizes and cool food will be awarded to our participants. Field trips:

  • Tuesday morning: Movies400
  • Thursday afternoon: Tour of Costa Vida
  • Friday – Cumming Aquatic Center


Week 10 NO THEME WEEK: August 1st – 3rd

This is a short week packed with lazy summer reading, wearing clothes backwards, pajama parties. Any thing goes at Camp Bio who knows what mishaps and mayhem campers will get themselves into with no schedule to follow Bio is under attack of the Crazy Counselor’s Week. Field trips/activities:

  • Tuesday morning: Movies400
  • Activities: Smoothies


Taking a Left into a Driveway

By Get a Grip

As we are fast on our Road to Rio and Olympic Trials, I wanted to take a moment to write about our own Olympic treasure, Dr. Vladimir Zaglada, or Coach Vlad as he is affectionately referred to.

The story of how we met Coach Vlad is worth sharing.  He literally drove up the driveway of the gym we used to be at one Saturday afternoon.  I remember him walking in and straight to a coach.  I thought he was a gymnast’s grandfather.  Not long after, he started appearing at the gym – helping team and creating a buzz.  I remember being told to check out his credentials and he is someone we should hang on to.  So, I did – on both!

My daughters became fond of him and I remember telling him that Donna Kaye wanted to coach and someday have her own gym.  His mind immediately went to work.  He pulled me aside one night and said,

“You need to find a building.  I have friends that have a rhythmic gymnastics team and they need a home too.  We’ll start out small…”

The rest, as they say, is history and BIO Gymnastics will be celebrating its 3rd birthday on April 1st.  As we talk history, here are some facts about our beloved Coach Vlad:

  • He received a degree in coaching gymnastics from the Lvov (Ukraine) Institute of Physical Education.
  • He went on to do graduate work at Moscow’s Lenin Institute of Physical Education, earning a Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (the approximate equivalent of a PhD)
  • He served as the head coach for Moscow-Dynamo’s Olympic Reserve School, where many of the Soviet Union’s top female gymnasts spent their childhoods training to become champions.
  • Later he became the first president of Dynamo-Moscow’s Gymnastics Club.
  • He was a member of
    • The Women’s Technical Committee of the Soviet Gymnastics Federation
    • The Executive Board of the Dynamo-Moscow City Council
    • An Honorary Member of Russian Dynamo
    • Vice-president of the Dynamo-Southampton Gymnastics Club (now the United Kingdom’s Dynamo School of Gymnastics).

I am still, to this day, in awe that we have Coach Vlad as part of our team, not only instructing our gymnasts, but our gymnastics coaches as well.  He has a solid vision for our coaches and the program.  I am proud that he wants BIO to be a part of the enormous legacy he has in the sport of gymnastics throughout the world.  Share this story with your children.  It truly is a privilege to be taught by this man.


To think this all started with turning into a driveway….

Fun Day Camps

By Camps

Staying in town and looking for something fun to do during the break?  Join BIO at our activity camp!  Come and join us for organized games and sports, arts and crafts, field trips, gymnastics and much more!  A day full of fun and excitement. Full day or half day sessions are available. Our camps consist of indoor and outdoor organized sports, along with arts and crafts and gymnastics. There will be a minimum number of campers required to make this camp, so sign up early!!

Find a Camp
Summer and Holiday Camp Hours:
Full Day – 8 am – 5:30 pm
AM Half day – 8 am – 12 pm
PM Half day – 1 pm – 5:30 pm

Holiday Camp Rates:
5 Full Day 180.00 – 5 Half Day 135.00
4 Full Day 165.00 – 4 Half Day 125.00
3 Full Day 150.00 – 3 Half Day 110.00
2 Full Day 130.00 – 2 Half Day 80.00
1 Full Day 65.00 – 1 Half Day 45.00

Summer Camp Rates:
5 Full Day 200.00 – 5 Half Day 150.00
4 Full Day 185.00 – 4 Half Day 140.00
3 Full Day 170.00 – 3 Half Day 125.00
2 Full Day 150.00 – 2 Half Day 100.00
1 Full Day 85.00 – 1 Half Day 60.00

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Club Gymnastics

By Team

From Gymstars through level 10, there is a place for gymnasts to excel at BIO.  Gymnasts will practice year round and must be evaluated prior to placement.  We will offer opportunities to apply to be part of the team several times during the year.  BIO is extremely proud of our coach staff and strive to deliver excellence in competition.  In striving to create an environment of serious fun, we have very high expectations of our gymnasts with regards to respect for the staff, teammates and themselves.