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Home School P.E.

By February 24, 2014March 6th, 2017Programs

What makes our home school PE different?  Join us a for a full-fledged physical education curriculum!  More than just an open gym or opportunity to play, it’s a structured environment where your child will not only be physically active, but learn the basics in a variety of sports.  Each class will be broken into smaller groups based on age.

We are excited to share with you that we will be taking 2017 into a “Get to Know the Sport Year”.  We will continue to ensure that your children are getting the cardio and the conditioning they need, but we also want to expand their knowledge on the sports that are played around the world all year long!

Below is the list of sports for the year:

Month Sport
January Tennis
February Winter Youth Olympics – Curling
March Cricket
April Cycling
May Ice Hockey
June Basketball / Extreme Sports
July Soccer
August Rowing / Rugby / Badminton
September Baseball/ Gymnastics
October Golf
November Weightlifting
December Swimming

We will be sure to supply you with all the information necessary each month for the sport that we will be focusing on. We want to make sure as parents we have fun with our kids as they are learning new sports and information, so we will be giving the children puzzles and quizzes about the sport so that they are able to really learn all there is about that specific sport.

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