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Bear Country - Preschool Program

Bear Country, our preschool-aged gymnastics program for children walking to Kindergarten, focuses on the development of fine and gross motor skills, playground readiness, social skills, and gymnastics skills, as well as helping to develop proprioceptive and vestibular integrations. Our specially designed gymnastics equipment is scaled to fit toddlers’ and preschoolers’ that has smaller hands and bodies allowing our tiniest athletes to do gymnastics “just like the big kids.” Circuits and stations assure that these active children do not have downtime. The trampoline provides a safe environment for these young jumpers. While age is the general guideline for how our classes are organized, our curriculum allows for flexibility that acknowledges that children develop at different rates.

NEW! Cubs

10-18 Months
30 minutes

This 30 minute Parent/Child class promotes early social and physical skills and provides a comfortable space for you to guide your baby’s skill growth with new friends!  Each class, your little one will enjoy songs, sensory gym activities, an exciting skill of the week and allow them to become comfortable with gym equipment in a fun and engaging environment!

Little Bear

18 mo. – 2 Yr., co-ed
45 minutes

Embrace your child’s independence in an environment where they can climb, roam, and safely explore. This 45 minute Parent/Child class will focus on building strength, encourage curiosity, and engage in various gym activities all while gaining new confidence with new friends!

BIO Bears

2-4 Yr., Co-ed
45 minutes

Designed for the older preschooler, Bio Bears learn gymnastics skills using preschool equipment and the “big kid” equipment. This class is designed to create a fun, safe and challenging environment for your child as they continue to progress in their gymnastics journey.

Mighty Mites

4-6 Yr.
60 min. twice/week

Mighty Mites is a fast-track to the competition team and identifies girls that can progress at a faster pace. Additionally, there is an emphasis on body shaping, conditioning, and flexibility that forms the basis for readiness to enter into a Team program if so desired upon completion of Mighty Mites. This class is by invitation only.