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Mentorship as a Way of Uniting People Together: Vladimir Zaglada’s Human Mission

By January 27, 2021Coach Vlad

One of the strangest words that I have ever heard is when someone says they are self-made men or women. I understand what they are saying, but no one reaches success on their own accord in reality. If you examine every successful person, you will find that they all have something in common. They all have had mentors in their life. Truly successful people understand the power of mentorship, and Coach Vladimir Zaglada is no different. His experience being a coach or a mentor to the American kids has made huge differences to himself and the people around him.

Coach Zaglada’s book ‘One Coach’s Journey from East to West’ discussed the roots of Soviet Gymnastics and explained what happened since the Soviet Sports Machine collapsed. He made this book solely based on his experience of being a coach or a mentor. According to him, his relationship with the American coaches gave him a wonderful opportunity to completely show his whole coaching skills and pedagogical abilities.

As an emphasis on his human mission of helping people stay together, he has created multiple originally-produced books, websites, documentaries, videos, and advertisements entitled ‘The Zaglada Times,’ all focusing on his teaching mission.

Through all these efforts, he aims to contribute to a better world and, at the same time, eliminate such differences among people. This simply shows how mentorship could reach great lengths to fill people with knowledge in pursuit of unity.

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