BIO’s class program is designed for children who wish to explore the sport of gymnastics, who wish to eventually compete in it, who wish to use the skills acquired in another sport, dance, or theater, or who simply want to participate because it is fun!

From parent-assisted through competitive team, there is a place for boys and girls at BIO. Our classes are an excellent way to introduce children to being fit and having fun at the same time, while building confidence and self-esteem and improving coordination and flexibility. We focus on developing the entire child in body, mind and spirit!

To find out which class is right for you, be sure to read below and follow the links to the right for more information.

Our class programs are separated into two sections — Bear Country for children pre-walking to pre-Kindergarten and our Owl Academy Program for Kindergarten and up. Classes are on a monthly billing cycle with your commitment being month-to-month. Additionally, because BIO understands how busy our families’ lives are, we are pleased to offer unlimited rescheduled classes for students.

Bear Country focuses on the development of fine and gross motor skills, playground readiness, social skills, and gymnastics skills, as well as helping to develop proprioceptive and vestibular integrations.

Our Owl Academy Students are placed into class based on skill and gender. BIO’s pre planned curriculum is taught on a continuum, allowing students to move at their own pace, advancing on the events on which they are ready.