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Standing Together in the World: Vladimir Zaglada’s Mission in Writing Books

By January 14, 2021Coach Vlad

by Cianna Reese, Universal Breakthrough Magazine

Upon discovering the works and life of Vladimir Zaglada, I learned about his human mission, “to help people stay together amidst differences and crisis.” The Culture and Sports Education is one key in creating possibilities for this unity. Coach Zaglada’s almost 50 years of life is devoted to artistic gymnastics’ theory and practice, including coaching and consultant for the senior and junior Soviet women’s and girl’s gymnastics teams, assisting in their preparation for the World and Olympic competition. As a teacher or mentor, you’ll see how he values his former students and proud of where they are now. 

You will learn more about his mentorship journey through his first book, “One Coach’s Journey from East to West.” The content of the book is based on real experience and thoughts from the author. Coach Zaglada will always be grateful to the US Government for giving USSR teachers, coaches, and owners of gymnastics clubs to teach American kids – everything is friendly and optimistic. He is mostly teaching the coaches as a pedagogical mentor of BIO Gymnastics &Athletics Unlimited (Cumming, GA).

Meanwhile, his second book “Gymmy the Owl and His Friends,” brings delight to rhymed poetry and gymnastics lovers. It aims to reach young children and parents through an entertaining and amusing poem with implied information about gymnastics. Interestingly, this book’s creativity also showcased the parallel connections of animals’ natural abilities and human skills—the same dynamics of developing hard work and practice to perform gymnastics acts.

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Standing Together in the World: Vladimir Zaglada’s Mission in Writing Books