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Greetings of the 4th of July

By Coach Vlad

Dear BIO, my Home Club and place for my Heart and Soul!

Thank you for  the Greetings of 4th of July! I am enjoying to watch an amazing design of the BIO blog, belongs to the Founder, Owner and CEO and simply my lovely Goddaughter Julie Formon Price.

My sincere appreciation that I am not forgotten,  because you are keeping me updated and sharing with me all results of your hard work during , probably, the most difficult time for United States and our whole Civilization.

It is well known fact that damage caused by Covid-19 which walked across the World  is huge!  But I strongly believe that People of the United States will go through the pain, troubles and will keep their Amazing Country healthy and clean!

For sure, BIO is the Best Representative of the strongest part of Americans who following the safety and protection rules established by US Government, showing how possible not just to survive, but to keep business on the right path.

It is nothing missed in Technical Progress of the Team Program and your example of not stopping Development during current pandemic disaster is very good example of feelings How Big Honor is to Be an American!

My best wishes and Happy 4th of July to all  People of the United States and particularly to the people who are running BIO Business properly, to the Managers and Coaches, Gymnasts and their Parents,  to all their supported parts, volunteers and school instructors!

Vladimir Zaglada

Pedagogical Mentor of BIO Gymnastics University (Cumming, GA)

Vladimir Zaglada Introduces the World of Gymnastics through Nature’s Master Gymnasts in “Gymmy the Owl and His Friends”

By Coach Vlad

(MENAFN – GetNews) May 25, 2020 – Celebrated Soviet gymnastics master Vladimir Zaglada is pleased to introduce the world to nature’s very own master gymnasts, the friendly neighborhood dog, cats, squirrels, little owls, and more. Children and adults will appreciate his introduction to the basic concepts of gymnastics and human flexibility in the just-launched book, ‘ Gymmy the Owl and His Friends: Tales in Rhyme About the Animal Kingdom’s Natural Gymnasts.’

‘Gymmy the Owl and his Friends is an interactive book achieved using educational blocks. The blocks inform and educate the readers about basic gymnastics skills and physical abilities needed to achieve these. For example, the ‘splits,’ the ‘handstand’ or the ‘bridge’ can be easily understood because each little poem is followed by the training page with wide advice and recommendations.

‘The poems are fun to read, and the reader also gets acquainted not only with the form of the movements but also with the correct gymnastic terminology, says Vladimir.

Children of any age can understand the forms and the rhythm of life through Mother Nature and her very own gymnastics school. With illustrator Katya’s skills, gymnastic apparatus can be seen embedded in natural environments like forests or the sea, showing some amazing natural gymnasts of the animal kingdom!

The analogy of the animal gymnasts runs truly deep. For instance, in modern gymnastics, a very difficult jump is referred to as the ‘butterfly jump’ in ballet, dance, and gymnastics.

Only eight years after the first publication of the book, Vladimir Zaglada was named the pedagogical mentor and Technical Director of BIO Gymnastics & Athletics Unlimited based in Cumming, Georgia. He subsequently celebrated another milestone in his life becoming the happiest Granddaddy. The club has become his second home, unlashing Vladimir’s creativity, and the facility has become something like a University of Gymnastics Art.

In ‘Gymmy the Owl and His Friends’ teaches the basics of gymnastics through frogs that leap, grab and land like gymnasts. Squirrels reveal their amazing gymnastics gifts, and butterflies showcase their flying lessons, and dolphins reveal their natural skills. There are hedgehogs and grasshoppers too. The book also offers explanations of human flexibility and its pros and cons, and the value of hands and legs.

‘Gymnastics opens the doors to uplifting achievements, which can only be compared to your first steps and first words. Once you enter the gym, you will never want to leave, says the author.

Vladimir Zaglada was a part of the celebrated Soviet gymnastics during its heydays. More information about Dr. Vladimir Zagdala, Ph.D., Merited Coach of Russia, USSR Master of Sport, his current work and activities can be accessed at www.coachzaglada.com

‘ Gymmy the Owl and His Friends’ is illustrated by Katya Korobkina and available from Amazon.

Media Contact
Company Name: Global Summit House
Contact Person: Anna Reid
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Country: United States
Website: http://www.coachzaglada.com

BIO Notebook with “Notes on the Grips” get started!

By Coach Vlad

Dear Coaches, Gymnasts, Parents. all supportive staff of the BIO Gymnastics School and just a visitors of BIO website! Below you can find a link to one of the best gymnastics website which actually not necessary even to introduce. The site is well-known on Facebook and on other social networks as a very well prepared and operated with real facts and appropriate figures, meets results & analysis based on pure information ( means without blah-blah-blah!).

I am working with websites which are testified themselves for years! The people working for those sites are very high professionals in different areas of Artistic Gymnastics. Some of them are very familiar with equipment and all innovations in this area, some of them are great specialists in Code of Points, requirements, and regulations, some people are former Great Coaches and Gymnasts, some of them are choreographers or medical staff specialized in the treatments of the different kind of the injuries occurred in Artistic Gymnastics.

From today I am going to start making some important copies of the most interesting posts from best gymnastics websites, Facebook and key-researches in Gymnastics Field. According to the law, all I can do at this time will be a direct link to the interesting posts or just to the websites which will be accompanied by my own short comments, references, suggestions or invitations to discuss some of the interesting of the published articles, research, textbooks, etc.

Taking into the account all my existing credentials as a professional member of the USAG, PhD and my credentials confirming my former work with numbers of the National Teams from around the World, including USSR, Russia, France, Japan, Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, China and other countries I am ready to create and manage on BIO website the special blog “BIO University of the Art of Artistic Gymnastics”. On the pages of this blog, all our readers can get updates and innovations in Artistic Gymnastics and can get access to the best workshops and Master Classes, science and methodical works, new publications in the area of Gymnastics and most interesting books published in different countries.

I am not exaggerating my own abilities and personal input … because BIO already has an amazing Team including Senior Artistic Director, “The Tiger of Gymnastics” Eleanor Joubert and Legendary US Gymnast Katie Heenan Dodson! Together we are the Team which can build an appropriate work of our “BIO University of the Art of Artistic Gymnastics” on a very high level.

Let’s get started with an article from www.gymnastike.org recently published on Facebook. At this time “no comments”… because we are expecting to read your comments and get started our own discussion on the BIO website!


“We are still calling her Shusha!”

By Coach Vlad

ELENA SHUSHUNOVA … Legendary Soviet Gymnast from the time known in History of Gymnastics as a “Golden Era”. Every member of the USSR National Gymnastics Team, coaches, gymnasts and other people who knew her called her “Shusha”.

I am sharing this post from the pages of a Golden Era in order to show that this time for the USSR Artistic Gymnastics was not just a time for the collection of the huge numbers of the medals. It was a very successful years during which most advanced technical and methodical system were created!

Actually, even today an incredible achievements of Elena Shushunova, particularly her Floor Tumbling passes keeps all professionals of Artistic Gymnastics speechless! It is happened not just because she performed a very unusual tumbling trick for WAG known as a “Thomas Roll” shown below as her second tumbling pass !

What is really impressive on this video that double layout performed by Elena Shushunova 30 years ago looks almost the same as double layout performed by current Super Stars of the Floor Exercise! Did anybody saw a big difference in amplitude, height and perfectness of the shape during the flight ?! I don’t think so!

Thanks to the “Golden Era” for one more post about an incredible input of USSR Artistic Gymnastics into the Great Development of the World Gymnastics !

Former FX & UB Consultant of the USSR National Team, Merited Coach of Russia, coauthor of the book “Floor Exercise for Women”(1979),

Coach Vlad ( BIO Gymnastics Unlimited, USA)

Kip Drill with Inflatable

By Coach Vlad

I agree that this is the one of the best drill for the improvement of the second part of the kip-up. The advantage of this drill is that gymnast can practice this drill completely without coach’s assistance.

Actually, this drill is a part of the “drop-kip”, which I love to use as a timer for the glide-kip. But drop-kip is much harder and in most of times is required a coach’s help.

What a great ( never tired) helper inflatable mat is! All you will need is just: 1/ to take care of the air inside of the mat; 2/ to be a working hard gymnast!

Thanks for the very helpful post ! We will use it right away!