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BIO Notebook with “Notes on the Grips” get started!

By February 4, 2016March 16th, 2020Coach Vlad

Dear Coaches, Gymnasts, Parents. all supportive staff of the BIO Gymnastics School and just a visitors of BIO website! Below you can find a link to one of the best gymnastics website which actually not necessary even to introduce. The site is well-known on Facebook and on other social networks as a very well prepared and operated with real facts and appropriate figures, meets results & analysis based on pure information ( means without blah-blah-blah!).

I am working with websites which are testified themselves for years! The people working for those sites are very high professionals in different areas of Artistic Gymnastics. Some of them are very familiar with equipment and all innovations in this area, some of them are great specialists in Code of Points, requirements, and regulations, some people are former Great Coaches and Gymnasts, some of them are choreographers or medical staff specialized in the treatments of the different kind of the injuries occurred in Artistic Gymnastics.

From today I am going to start making some important copies of the most interesting posts from best gymnastics websites, Facebook and key-researches in Gymnastics Field. According to the law, all I can do at this time will be a direct link to the interesting posts or just to the websites which will be accompanied by my own short comments, references, suggestions or invitations to discuss some of the interesting of the published articles, research, textbooks, etc.

Taking into the account all my existing credentials as a professional member of the USAG, PhD and my credentials confirming my former work with numbers of the National Teams from around the World, including USSR, Russia, France, Japan, Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, China and other countries I am ready to create and manage on BIO website the special blog “BIO University of the Art of Artistic Gymnastics”. On the pages of this blog, all our readers can get updates and innovations in Artistic Gymnastics and can get access to the best workshops and Master Classes, science and methodical works, new publications in the area of Gymnastics and most interesting books published in different countries.

I am not exaggerating my own abilities and personal input … because BIO already has an amazing Team including Senior Artistic Director, “The Tiger of Gymnastics” Eleanor Joubert and Legendary US Gymnast Katie Heenan Dodson! Together we are the Team which can build an appropriate work of our “BIO University of the Art of Artistic Gymnastics” on a very high level.

Let’s get started with an article from recently published on Facebook. At this time “no comments”… because we are expecting to read your comments and get started our own discussion on the BIO website!