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Special Needs

By February 24, 2014April 7th, 2016Programs

In 2013, USA Gymnastics and Right To Play, a global organization that uses sport and play programs to educate and empower children facing adversity, announced their partnership. Through special events and community outreach, the two organization’s goal is to provide opportunities for under-served children to experience both gymnastics and the power of participating in sports.

It is in this same spirit that BIO Gymnastics & Athletics Unlimited announces their own “BIO Ability to Play” program by offering classes specifically designed for developmentally delayed children.

This program is focused on the development of a child’s attention span and motor movement through agility complex, sport games and acrobatics. Strength and flexibility development will be included.The fun of the program will entice your child to take part in and successfully complete both mental and physical tasks. There is NO sense of failure when the negativity is removed. Through this specific program, children will have the opportunity to step outside themselves, to develop and thrive, because every child has the ability to play.

Please contact the office for more information at 770-844-0246.