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Ballet and Gymnastics

By February 12, 2016Get a Grip


Ballet…..again? To some gymnasts, they hear it and meet it with enthusiasm and to others, dread.  So many parents and gymnasts alike wonder why ballet is considered necessary and important to gymnastics.  Some gyms offer it a part of their programs, others not.  At BIO, we feel strongly that it is important and see tremendous improvements overall especially when it is met with a positive attitude from the gymnast.


Ballet is excellent for improving posture, core, discipline, balance, flexibility, and lower-body strength. These components can help a gymnast in many ways. Posture and core are of the utmost importance to gymnastic performance. During gymnastics, posture can become distorted due to the bending, twisting, and executing of moves that go far beyond daily functional activities. In ballet, posture is the foundation of every movement, be it static or dynamic. Learning to command the body and postural alignment in a controlled environment with strict form can carry over to gymnastic training. Alongside postural awareness is core control which is also the foundation for all movement.Gymnasts need to be flexible, but remain tight at the same time. Staying tight and attaining the ability to rid the body of unwanted motion begins with core control which allows for efficient movements without wasted energy. There are many ways to improve gymnastic ability, and ballet is a great supplement for skill enhancement – National Academy of Sports Medicine


balletBIO Gymnastics is very proud to have Ms. Nina Markman as our dedicated ballet instructor.  Ms. Markman formerly performed sixteen years with the Belorussian State Philharmonic, touring within the Soviet Union and Europe. Her teaching experience spans over fifteen years within the Belorussian State Philharmonic, Draper Studio of Dance in NY, and Rotaru International Ballet School, in Atlanta. Her primary focus is bringing the grace and beauty of ballet into gymnastics, as well as other sports such as figure skating.  Our competitive team is privileged to have her instruction as part of their weekly training.