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Worrying about placements?

By April 13, 2020The Mclaren Post

Good Morning Parents,

So my topic today is all about “placements”.  All too often this word creates a lot of uproar.  In my experience, I have learned to never talk about levels or season prep for summer placements because things change and athletes are unpredictable just like most things!

First off, us as coaches, only want one thing: what is best for each athlete.  I understand that we all want our children to be on top, or to be in the top groups, but in reality, not everyone will.  Every athlete learns at their own pace and it is no fun for anyone when an athlete is misplaced.  It is not a matter of who is better, moreover, it is more dependent on multiple things.   Personality, work ethic, goals, passions, coaching style, talent, skill level, and the list goes on and on.  Part of our job as coaches is to recognize all these traits that go into training these young athletes.

Secondly, there is no “perfect” group.  There is going to be somewhat of a diversity regardless.  There is no “agenda” or “motive” for putting athletes in specific groups, it is all about what is best for them and their training.  One thing that you, as a parent, have to understand about the coaching staff, is we know what is best for your athlete in regards to training whether you agree or not.  This is our profession so let us be professionals.  We will make sure that she is taken care of and has a path that best fits her, and if something changes, so will we and her training plan.  It is really that simple.   Trust us in knowing that our plan for them is for their best interest.

Lastly, I understand that not everyone is in this for ” top levels and college scholarships” esc…. that ” we just want them to have fun and be active”.  I completely understand that and appreciate that and actually agree with that.  On our end, you have to understand the expectations of our program and staff as well as we create a new vision for the team program.  We have systems in place that can create a great experience for all, but that does mean grouping will change.  We have to look at all the aspects as a whole and this is how we place the athletes to best suit their needs/wants/passions/and talent levels.  So all we ask?  Just trust the process and how we do things.  I can tell you right now, it works.


:0) Brad