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So What’s with the Owls?

By May 11, 2017Get a Grip

Many of you have wondered, if not asked where did we come up with these names for our classes.  Bears, frogs and owls – oh my!

Our mentor and friend, Coach Vlad, wrote the first children’s book specifically about gymnastics and the animal kingdom.  The main character is Gymmy, the Owl.  He along with many of his friends in the animal kingdom explore how their natural movements can relate to and tie in with the wonderful sport of gymnastics.  In a way to forever honor and recognize Coach Vlad’s contribution not only to the sport of gymnastics throughout the world, but more specifically to the birth of BIO, we named our programs and classes after characters in his book.

In addition, our end of the year performance for classes has been named the “Flight of the Owls”.  We look forward to our students being able to showcase their talent and all of the skills they have learned this year!

If you are interested in learning more about Coach Vlad’s book and ordering one for your child, please click here to visit our online store.