Meet Our Team

All of our instructors have taught gymnastics/tumbling for over 5 years, have passed background checks and receive ongoing training through USA Gymnastics, AAU Sports and our own BIO University.



Managing Partner, Owner

Julie has been involved with the sport of gymnastics for over 15 years. With all of her daughters competing in the sport and developing a passion for it, the family decided to open BIO Gymnastics in 2013. She also headed up a club booster club and helped to build the program to one of the largest in the state of Georgia. Julie also has a web design business, JP Design.

Donna Kaye

Girls Team Director

Graduating from Seton Home Study in 2014, Donna Kaye has been involved in gymnastics since she was 4. She has competed in levels 2 through level 9 and has won many regional and national awards. Her family opened BIO Gymnastics in 2013 to teach Donna Kaye how to open and run a gym. She has been accepted into the BIOsphere mentorship program under Dr. Vladimir Zaglada and will continue her studies at BIO. Currently, she is the lead team director and oversees all aspects of the team development and performance.


COO, Technical Director

Brad has coached for over 20 years and produced dozens of collegiate athletes. Mentored by Coach Vlad, Brad brings that same methodology and passion to the gym floor. Brad's training and development of the staff has a hands on approach that benefits the athlete as well as the coach.

Dr. Vladimir Zaglada

Senior Technical Director

Vladimir Zaglada was born in Soviet Leningrad (today, St. Petersburg, Russia) in November, 1944. He received a degree in coaching gymnastics from the Lvov (Ukraine) Institute of Physical Education. He went on to do graduate work at Moscow’s Lenin Institute of Physical Education, earning a Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (the approximate equivalent of a PhD). In 1964 he was granted the title Master of Sport of the USSR in Acrobatic Gymnastics. Zaglada has devoted his 40 year professional life to the theory and practice of artistic gymnastics, including as coach and consultant for the senior and junior Soviet women’s and girl’s gymnastics teams, assisting in their preparation for World and Olympic competition. After serving as a senior professor at the main physical education institutes of Lvov and Moscow, he served as the head coach for Moscow-Dynamo’s Olympic Reserve School, where many of the Soviet Union’s top female gymnasts spent their childhoods training to become champions. Later he became the first president of Dynamo-Moscow’s Gymnastics Club. He was a member of the Women’s Technical Committee of the Soviet Gymnastics Federation, a member of the Executive Board of the Dynamo-Moscow City Council, an Honorary Member of Russian Dynamo, and a vice-president of the Dynamo-Southampton Gymnastics Club (now the United Kingdom’s Dynamo School of Gymnastics). He served as producer and artistic director for the Soviet Gala Concert at the 1991 World Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam and has appeared as a gymnastics expert on both CNN and CBS. The author of numerous scholarly books and articles on artistic gymnastics, he coauthored (with Tatyana Lisitskaya) Floor Exercises for Women, which has been translated into Japanese and English and is recognized as one of the best monographs on the subject. For years he contributed chapters to textbooks used in the top institutes of physical education in the Soviet Union and Russia and has written a number of works on programmed learning. He is recognized in The Encyclopedia of Gymnastics as having made a significant contribution to the shaping of both the theory and practice of Soviet gymnastics, including through his contributions in the area of branch programming, which led to changes in how complex gymnastics exercises are taught at the highest levels of training. In 1999 Zaglada left Dynamo to accept the position of technical director for men’s gymnastics in Great Britain. He arrived in the United States on September 10, 2001. Since this time he has worked as head gymnastics coach for clubs in Minnesota and Georgia, where he produced a numbers of state and regional champions and Eastern and National Qualifiers.

Instructional Staff


Camp Counselor

Kieran was one of BIO's original competitive gymnasts and now we are proud to have her as one of our camp counselors. Kieran is number 7 of 12 children. 5 out of the 12 children have special needs and Kieran is very helpful when it comes to taking care of her siblings and other special needs children. She loves working with children and is great with keeping them active, organized and having fun.


Team Coach/Class Instructor

Melinda's love for gymnastics started when she was 2. She has competed in levels 2 through level 9, trained level 10 and has won many regional and national awards. She has worked over the last 4 years with developing class curriculum, assisting with team and sharing her love of the sport with everyone. She is USAG Safety Certified and is a USAG Certified Instructor and has also taken all three levels of Positive Coaching Alliance's training.


Team Coach, Class Instructor

Kendra did Competitive Gymnastics for 12 years and has been working at BIO for 2 years. Kendra enjoys working with the Gymstars and Recreational Classes. She loves the sport of Gymnastics more than anything and her goal is to help the children love it as much as she does.

Sara Michelle

Team Coach, Class Instructor

Sara Michelle is the youngest of 5 girls. She has been doing Gymnastics for 13 years and has been assisting with camp and classes for 7 years. 2 of the things that she is most passionate about are Gymnastics and Dance.
She has a heart of gold and her joyful personality is contagious. Her main goal as a Camp Counsleor is to help the children grow up to be kind and generous people!



Executive Assistant, Office Manager

Stephanie has been with BIO since the beginning and currently serves as Executive Assistant to the CEO and Office Manager. Stephanie attends the University of North Georgia where she is majoring in Business and Accounting. She started gymnastics at the age of 7 and competed through her senior year of high school. Once in college, Stephanie started the cheerleading team at UNG and ran it for 3 years.

Seasonal Staff


Summer Team Coach and Class Instructor

Velera retired from her Gymnastics career as a level 9 gymnast after having won many awards at a State and National level. She has been involved in the sport for 19 years and has been a Coach/Instructor for 8 years. She is paitent and kind to each and every child and her experience in the sport is a major advantage when teaching children new skills.


Class Instructor

Sophie has been involved in the sport of Gymnastocs for 15 years and has been working with children for 5 years. Sophies determination to help children achive their goals is what truly makes her thrive. Her over all goal as an instructor is to help children enjoy the sport of Gymnastics as much as she does. Each person that comes into contact with Sophie has only good things to say and everyone at BIO aboslutely loves her!


Summer Team Coach

Kinsey did Gymnastics for 12 years and competed up to level 9. She has been a Coach at BIO for 3 years and has been working with children for 5+ years. Her experience with the sport aids her in thinking like a gymnast and finding out ways to help children get over the fear of doing new skills.


Class Consultant

With a passion for childhood education and love of children, Tina brings over 10 years of gymnastics instructor experience to our program. She graduated from the University of North Georgia Summa Cum Laude with a Masters of Education and Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science.