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By March 17, 2020April 1st, 2020The Mclaren Post

Good afternoon Bio Family and followers!


I want to say a huge WELCOME to a new blog that I am starting that is going to be fun, interesting, informative and everything in-between that deals with the sport of gymnastics.  Some things that I will talk about will be fun and informative about our great sport, others will be silly and humorous and others will be serious.  This is an amazing sport that, lets face it, is like no other and from my experience, just try to have fun with ride because it is a long one:)  Each week, I am hoping, I will bring you something interesting to read.  Please, if you ever have comments or questions, do not hesitate to ask as I will do everything in my power to answer or even discuss topics.  As many of you have seen in the last year, we are making great strides in the gym and moving towards being more and more “relevant” in the gymnastic community.  This is just another piece of that.  I am looking forward to moving forward with everyone and, in this crazy time, be safe and stay healthy:).  More to come from the Mclaren Post!


As always, Keep Reaching Higher