Week One

Let's Get Groovy

During this fun-filled week, we will be traveling back in time to learn what it was like to live in certain eras.

Monday will be the 60’s, Tuesday the 70’s, Wednesday the 80’s, Thursday the 90’s and Friday is the 00’s.

The counselors will come into work dressed up for the decade and will have planned games, crafts, and field trips that will coordinate with the decade of the day.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be our field trip days.

Week Two


“It was a stormy night out in the open sea when the BIO Ship ran into a rock near the coast……”

As we begin this week, a story will be told that will explain how the BIOs ship became wrecked somewhere near Madagascar. From then on, the children and counselors will have to work together during crafts and games to get back to the mainland before another storm blows through.

Field trips:


Thursday: Movies 400

Friday: Cumming Aquatic Center (Luau/Party)

Week Three

Competitive Campers

Does your child have a competitive side? If so, this week is definitely for them!

Throughout the week, children and counselors will participate in many games, crafts, and competitions that will add up to an accumulative score that will be the deciding factor as to who will get special prizes at the end of the week.

Field trip days will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Week Four

Field Trip Mania

During this enjoyable, adventurous week of camp, BIO Gymnastics will be going on a field trip EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Monday – Chick-fil-a tour

Tuesday – Stars and Strikes

Wednesday – Lets Roll skating rink

Thursday – Atlanta Aquarium

Friday – Cumming Aquatic Center

There will be a price increase for this week and a special form is required to be filled out. Tuition must be paid in full before the beginning of the week and is non-refundable.
Week Five

Campers vs Counselors

During this excitingly competitive week, every hour of every day will be filled with a game/competition between 2-4 counselors and 30 children. Each child will be able to participate in each and every game and on Friday at the end of the week, we will have a pizza party to celebrate such a fun time.

Week Six

Culinary Creations

This week, all of the children will participate in a culinary creation every single day. They will also participate in food-oriented games and crafts.

Week Seven

Game Day

This week all of the children will participate in fun, structured sports.

Week Eight

Artful Antics

Moon sand, Slime, Pop-up art, Pasta bridges and more….. Throughout this week, all of the children will participate in creating 1-2 crafts every single day.

Week Nine


During this week of Summer Camp, the children will be divided into 4 teams and each team will have a specific designated color. Throughout the week, the children will participate in games and team building activates that will give them points based on the quality and timing of each and everything that they do.

Camps are subject to availability and potential schedule changes.

Please be sure that your child has the following items with them: Tennis Shoes, Lunch, 2 snacks, Water Bottle.  Bathing suits, sunscreen, and towels may also be required based on the activity and/or field trip.